Welcome to Booze4U we are sorry to say that we have closed down our online shop due to most customers choosing to use the telephone to place their orders it and the high monthly cost of the licence and software used to generate the site.

We will be installing a telephone answer phone to take your order if we are too busy in the shop to answer you call in person. Please just leave your order along with your name address and phone number and how you wish to pay, when we have your order ready we will phone you back to say your order is now on its way or if you are paying by card we will call for your card details.

You can also e-mail your order to us here ORDER please don’t enclose your card details in your e-mail just state that you wish to pay by card and we will ring you back for the card number.

We will in the next week or so place a price list online so you can see what’s available and the prices, special offers etc..,

Thank you for your order.